Dear PACE Monmouth Student:

Congratulations on completing your recent High School and PACE academic year. We are sure you are looking forward to a long and enjoyable summer!

Returning Student applications for the upcoming PACE year are now being accepted. To be considered for re-admission you must complete the enclosed application and return it by July 7th. It is important that you return the completed application on time, otherwise you risk forfeiting your reserved place in the PACE program. Your re-admission will be based on your instructorsí feedback, your attendance and discipline records, and your participation in PACE activities. All Returning Student applicants will receive an acknowledgment no later than the first week in August. A registration fee of $85 will be due after admittance; $75 for each subsequent family member. A $25 Late Fee will be assessed for overdue registration fee payments.

Also enclosed is a New Student application. If you know of any African American or Latino students who might benefit from PACE, please forward the enclosed application and encourage them to apply. Feel free to make as many copies of the enclosed material as is necessary. As a current PACE student you are one of the best spokespersons for the program. Please inform your friend / associate about some of your experiences and the benefits you have received from the program. Encourage him / her to gain the PACE advantage

Finally, please help us continue to strengthen and improve the program by filling out and returning the enclosed PACE Student Feedback Survey as well as the PACE Student Career Interests Survey.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send mail to:

Have a great summer!

PACE-Monmouth Recruitment Committee