High Level Goals and Objectives for 2019 - 2020

  1. Recruit 6-8 new staff members for key areas of growth and staff augmentation
    • Critical:
      • Instructors for: Algebra 2 and Calculus I/Calculus II
    • Very Important:
      • Instructors for: Geometry, Precalculus, Electrical Engineering, and Senior Engineering & Leadership Development
      • Website development and maintenance
      • Grant-writing and research
      • Scholarship and College Prep Resources Research
  2. Increase Parent Participation and Support
    • Increase Orientation day sign-up for various roles and tasks
    • Improve tracking and accountability for fulfillment of committee/activity sign-ups
    • Enhance shareability of committee/activity planning tools and templates
    • Re-introduce a Parent Participation Deposit
  3. Improve PACE Monmouth marketing presence
    • Hire Consultant to redesign PACE-Monmouth website
    • Produce new Brochure, 1-pager Glossy, and other advertising leave-behinds
    • Identify ways to increase PACE awareness amongst our feeder schools and the broader community
    • Identify ways to improve outreach to Hispanic community
  4. Pursue additional corporate/foundation grant funding
    • Find at least two additional sponsors willing to support general program funding
    • Develop template(s) for general program grant requests
    • Identify Financial Auditor and secure audit rating for this year and possibly prior in order to pursue foundation funding