The following companies, organizations, and individuals have made donations in the form of cash, goods, or services in order to help make PACE - Monmouth a success. We appreciate each and every one of them for forming a partnership with PACE to help develop the technical skills and leadership potential of our students.

We, the Staff and Parents of PACE - Monmouth, THANK YOU ALL!

Business and Institutional Sponsors and Contributors Individual Contributors
AT&T Hacemos
The AT&T Pioneers
Brookdale Community College
From the Heart Services
National Starch & Chemical Foundation
Ms. P. Blocker
Ms. A. Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Caballero
Ms. L. Celestine
Mrs. G. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hill
Mrs. D. McDonald
Ms. K. McGregor-Barnes
Mr. C. Pinnock
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley
Ms. P. Williamson


Other Contributors who prefer to remain anonymous