PACE - Monmouth Book Grant

Book Grant for 2016
Applications Due: TBD
Award: TBD

For graduating seniors going on to college.

Awards presented at the annual banquet.

An award to Graduating Seniors

The purpose of the book stipend is to encourage the pursuit of a professional career in general, an engineering career in particular, for students that have demonstrated such an interest through their participation in PACE. It is also to encourage the behavior, the habits, and the development of the skills necessary to succeed in an engineering study in college. The money received should be used to purchase supplies such as books, computer software, etc.

The amount of this year’s Book Grant is TBD (depending on the number of qualified applicants).

The Book Grant is awarded to applicants fully meeting the criteria below. Students meeting the criteria to a lesser degree may be awarded lesser amounts. Book Grant Applications are due no later than TBD. No exceptions.

The application will be available in a few weeks. The criteria below may change when this year's application is finalized.

1. General Criteria

A student meeting all of the following criteria will be eligible for the PACE - Monmouth Book Grant:

  1. The student must be a graduating senior.
  2. The student must meet the PACE-Monmouth behavior policy during his or her senior year.
  3. The student must maintain acceptable academic performance in all of his or her PACE course work during the senior year.
  4. The student must achieve at least 65% attendance throughout the senior year.
  5. The student must intend to pursue post secondary education.
  6. The student must participate in at least one PACE-sponsored Science Forum during his or her career in PACE. The project must be of acceptable quality as judged by the Science Forum Committee.
  7. The student must complete an essay on one of several topics provided.

2. Essay Criteria

The essay submitted by the student must meet the following criteria:

  1. The essay must cover one of the topics provided.
  2. It should address all of the points raised in the topic statement.
  3. The information provided in the essay must support and relate to your central theme.
  4. The essay must be well organized with clearly discernible standard parts: Introduction, Body, and Summary/Conclusion.
  5. Each paragraph should be well structured and address a single main point.
  6. The essay must exhibit proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  7. The essay must use standard written English.
  8. If applicable, the essay should include footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography.
  9. The essay must have a cover page in the specified format.
  10. The essay must be a minimum of three full pages in length. Note that the cover page is not part of the essay.
  11. The essay must be typed and double-spaced on white 8½" x 11" paper with no holes.
  12. Each page of the essay should be numbered.
  13. Margins may be no larger than 1 inch on the left and right sides and on the top and bottom.
  14. The font size must be either 10 or 12 point.
  15. The font face must be appropriate for formal writing such as Times New Roman, Georgia, Helvetica, Verdana, etc. It must not be a decorative or script font.
  16. Each page should be one-sided.

3. Newsletter Bonus

The student must submit an article to the PACE newsletter during either their Junior or Senior year with PACE. The article should adhere to the newsletter guidelines as listed in application. Students must meet all other Book Grant criteria in order to qualify for the additional award.


To maximize your chances for a Book Grant follow these tips:

  1. Make sure your application satisfies all of the criteria specified. The Scholarship Committee judges your application against every one of them.
  2. Use the capabilties of your word processor to make sure your essay adheres to the formatting criteria.
  3. Ask someone to proofread your essay before you submit it.
  4. Submit your application on-time.