Homework Help

This page contains links to homework help sites on the web.

Site Descriptions

AOL@School Portal site providing: help in various subject areas, news and events, fun facts, brainteasers, college and career info, etc.
Ask Dr. Math A searchable archive of questions and answers on many math topics. If you cannot find your question, you can submit it to Dr. Math. Replies are by e-mail.
CNN Education With Student News Provides news articles in various subjects at a level appropriate for junior high and senior high school students. Also, contains lesson plans, discussions, and activities for the classroom.
DiscoverySchool.com Has areas for math, science, english, and social studies. The math area features Webmath, a problem solver that provides the answer to your problem with a step-by-step explanation. (The explanations can be a bit hard to follow.) Also has puzzles and games. Features the B. J. Pinchbeck Homework Helper site.
Infoplease Homework Center You can search for information on various topics. Or ask a question. Answers will be posted on their Answer Page. Answers will not be a complete solution, but help on how to find a solution.
Math.com Information on various math topics. Resources such as calculators, plotters, equation solvers, and tables of formulas. You may ask questions of volunteer experts.
Tutor.Com Live, one-on-one tutoring to the tutor of your choice for an hourly fee. Fee varies by tutor. Or you can get help from the next available tutor for a monthly fee.
Yahoo!Education: Homework Help Provides Cliff Notes and practice math problems with step-by-step solutions.

Additional Sites

The following sites contain links to other homework help sites.

Ask.com An internet search engine.
B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Site contains links to helpful sites in numerous subject areas. Hosted on DiscoverySchool.com.
Schoolwork.org Links to other sites with a brief description of their content.