Seniors College Checklist

Seniors, as part of your college preparation activities have you ...

  • Made a list of all the awards and citations you have received over the last four years to include with your college application?
  • Made a list of the PACE classes, activities, and trips you have participated in to include with your college application? Consider doing the same for other educational, cultural or community organizations in which you have participated.
  • Checked the deadlines associated with the colleges and scholarship programs to which you are applying to ensure that you have enough time to gather all the materials you need to send in? Note that many national and school-sponsored scholarship programs have deadlines in the Fall timeframe.
  • Set a goal for yourself to send out applications to your top school choices by no later than December 1, or some other appropriate date?

  • Taken the SAT two or three times? Most colleges consider your highest scores.
  • Considered asking your PACE Mentor or another staff member to write a recommendation letter for you?
  • Consulted the College Information available here at the PACE - Monmouth web site?
  • Visited your local school or community library to review college and scholarship search materials?
  • Spoken to your Guidance Counselor, your PACE Mentor, or another PACE staff member about your career interests and career options?

  • Spoken to a PACE staff member, at length, about their industry, company, job or field of study?
  • Spoken to a staff member or PACE Alumnus that attends or attended your school of interest about their impressions of the school or campus?
  • Asked your mentor, another staff member, or a member of the Scholarship and College Prep committee to review your college application and essay?
  • Participated in a PACE Science Forum so that you can qualify for a PACE Book Grant?