Science Forum

Science Forum 2017
Date: April 29, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM
Place: Brookdale CC
Room: MAS 001


Open to all PACE - Monmouth students.

Participation is voluntary, but all are encouraged to participate.

PACE - Monmouth’s showcase technology event.

The PACE - Monmouth Science Forum is an annual showcase of student research projects. Students present the results of their several months long projects before an audience of staff, parents, and their fellow students.

For a student, participation in the Science Forum is an opportunity to learn the process of doing scientific or engineering research and to learn about an area of science, technology, engineering, or math that he or she may be interested in.

The process begins right at the beginning of the year when students learn the basics of scientific or engineering research, project planning and execution. They pick a project from a list of project ideas or choose one of their own. They work either individually or in groups under the supervision of a staff member. During the year, they receive instruction on the major steps and techniques in doing a project through the Science Forum classes, which is required for anyone doing the Science Forum. On the day of the Science Forum the they do a presentation explaining what they've done and they demonstrate their projects.

Past projects have included designing a web page, building a solar cooker, designing a database, studying the regenerative properties of a flatworm, building a sundial, writing computer programs, and many others.

Students that participate in a Science Forum receive a prize at the annual banquet and satisfy one of the requirements for a PACE Book Grant.

This year’s Science Forum will be on April 29, 2017.

Science Forum Resources

Project lists, a schedule, the Science Forum kit, and other resources will be available soon.

Judging Criteria

Projects will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Process
  • Scientific Content
  • Final Report
  • Presentation

Along with determining your Science Forum award, your score will be one component of the Book Grant evaluation criteria.