Algebra I



The goal of the PACE Algebra 1 class is to ensure that PACE students have a sound understanding of the basic principles of Algebra.  This will allow them to successfully learn the higher order math disciplines that build upon this knowledge.  By setting this goal we hope to enable the students to perform better in their high school math classes, allowing them to get higher grades as well as enhance their confidence in their ability to do math.



PACE Algebra 1 supplements the student’s high school study of Algebra with additional instruction, examples, and exercises for those topics that are considered to be fundamental.  Students are also encouraged to bring in questions / problems related to school assignments and are strongly encouraged to ask questions in class.  An effort is made to stay current with the topics being taught at school.  Preferably, PACE Algebra 1 is ahead of the student’s high school math class thereby allowing the student to more thoroughly appreciate the topic better the second time around.





The following topics are covered in PACE Algebra 1:

·         Key, Basic Mathematics principles (a review)

·         Working with Negative and Positive Numbers

·         Identifying and Combining “Like Terms”

·         Solving Algebraic Equations

·         Solving Word Problems

·         Multiplying & Factoring Polynomials

·         Multiplying & Dividing Monomials and Polynomials

·         Solving Quadratic Equations

·         Working with Prime Numbers

·         HSPT / SAT Overview & Prep


"Challenge" problems are provide for each topic.