PACE - Monmouth runs several student activities that enhance the PACE experience. Some are conducted outside regular PACE hours. Others are special events held instead of the normal math and engineering classes. These activities are described below.

Engineering and College Trips

Each semester PACE - Monmouth sponsors a one-day trip to a museum or laboratory with a technological theme. The trips usually occurs on a Saturday in November and March. In the past we have gone to the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, the Sony Wonder Technology Lab in New York, and the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton, NJ, to name a few. See the calendar for the date and location of this year’s trips.

Each spring is the College Tour. Over five or six days we visit several colleges in an area of the northeast. Planning for the College Tour begins in September when students decide where they want to go.

Science Forum

The Science Forum is an annual showcase of student research projects. Students present the results of their several months long projects before an audience of staff, parents, and their fellow students.

Participation in the Science Forum is voluntary, but every student is encouraged to participate in at least one during their time in PACE. The experience will teach you skills that you will find indispensible in high school, college, and on the job.


The Thinkathon is student competition in which each team works together to solve puzzles and play games against the clock. The team earns points based on how well they do at each station they visit. The team earning the most overall points wins.

The Thinkathon is usually held on a Saturday in October in place of the Eye-Opener and Math sessions.

Math Bowl

The Math Bowl pits student teams in direct competition, where opposing contestants race to solve a problem to earn points for their team. The event is held near the end of the Spring semester for an entire Saturday morning.

Additional information on each of these activities may be found on their web pages.